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Why Hypnotherapy ?

*Due to COVID-19, we NOW offer ONLINE Hypnotherapy sessions.
It is Safe, Convenient, and just as Effective as in-office sessions. 

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Hypnosis is a natural and healing state of mind accessible by each of us. It helps to quiet the conscious mind, and opens communication with the subconscious.


Hypnotherapy is using hypnosis to create positive changes in the subconscious mind in the form of new attitudes, behaviors, feelings, and  symptoms.
Additional Services
Women's Health 
Chronic Health Conditions
Fears & Phobias
Building Confidence and Success
Academic/Sports Performance
Anti - Aging

About Ada

Ada   Zak, CCHt, is a highly trained Certified
Clinical Hypnotherapist, a graduate of Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy (previously Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy), the only State Licensed Hypnotherapy School in Florida, and one of the top Hypnotherapy Schools in U.S.   Ada is also a licensed health professional, and     


specializes in treating clients with Fertility Issues, Autoimmune , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia, and other chronic illnesses.  She also has a wide experience in Addiction Relapse Prevention.  Ada will be happy to work with you to better your life, and help you to achieve your goals.

Facts and Fiction

       Hypnosis Facts

  • You are always in control when you are in Hypnosis.
    The conscious mind is always present, guarding against the unacceptable

  • There has never been a case of someone being stuck in Hypnosis

  • You will remember everything that happens.
    During Hypnosis person is very alert, aware, and in complete control

  • The more intelligent the person the better subject they make

  • Hypnosis is a voluntary state which the client can terminate whenever they desire

  • Hypnosis is not sleep


        Hypnosis Fiction

  • Hypnosis is a form of mind control or brainwashing. ….. Fiction

  • A person can be made to do or say anything while in hypnosis.….. Fiction

  • When a person is hypnotized they are totally out of it and will not remember
    anything at all.….. Fiction

  • A person can become ‘stuck’ in hypnosis and may never emerge.….. Fiction

  • A person cannot lie while in hypnosis.….. Fiction

  • A person has to be weak willed, stupid or crazy to allow
    themselves to become hypnotized.….. Fiction


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