Anxiety & Depression



Over 40 million people in U.S. are affected by Anxiety.  Anxiety and the                          extreme form of it – Panic attacks can be very debilitating.  There are various                  factors that cause Anxiety, some of which are catastrophic thinking, anxiety                      expectancy, and avoidance. 


Also, with Autoimmune disorders, the inflammation in the body can spread to            the brain and cause havoc in the brain by attacking the brain and the nervous                  tissue, leading often to Anxiety and / or Depression.


In Hypnotherapy, the goal is to uncover the underlying negative thinking patterns and the triggers, many of which are buried deep in the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy helps to create the desired positive changes in the subconscious mind in the form of new attitudes, behaviors, feelings, and symptoms.



Depression can affect all aspects of our lives, including our health.  Many people with depression also have symptoms of anxiety.  Lifestyle changes and reducing Stress in one’s life are a must in order to create positive changes.

With Clinical Hypnotherapy, a person is taught to re-frame negative thinking, to change their negative self-talk, and to replace the old behaviors with the new ones.


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