What to Expect During Your First Session ?

After completing the paperwork to help the hypnotherapist to understand better the goals you want to accomplish, then any questions and / or concerns that you may have will be addressed at this time, including the explanation what hypnosis is and is not, and how your objectives can be accomplished with the hypnotherapy.

Afterwards, some simple visualization exercises will be done, to show to you and the hypnotherapist how well you respond.  Together, you will work on the suggestions to feed to the subconscious mind during hypnosis, so as to reprogram unwanted behaviors/emotions/beliefs.  Then, when ready, you will be put in a hypnotic state, where you will feel deeply relaxed yet fully alert, while the hypnotherapist will be guiding you towards your goals.  All you need to do is to relax and be willing to follow instructions.  It’s important to remember- you are always in control.

Disclaimer: Services provided by Hypnotherapy Advantage are not meant to replace Medical or Mental Health Care. Despite favorable research, by law, we can not make any health benefit claims for our services.

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