Unexplained Infertility


As scary as it sounds, it means the following


  1. There are no known physical causes

  2. It does Not mean you can’t get pregnant


Hypnotherapy For Unexplained Infertility

Trying to get pregnant with no success often leads to increased stress, anxiety, guilt and shame. The woman may feel betrayed by her body, and disconnected from it. The couples often get frustrated and overwhelmed with all the testing, yet unwilling to seek support from family and friends due to their need for privacy.


All this stress puts the body into “fight or flight” mode, communicating via hormones to the reproductive system to shut down. Any pre-existent emotional distress and/or Trauma will further undermine the efforts to conceive.


Hypnotherapy is a natural healing state of mind that helps to quiet the conscious mind, and opens communication with subconscious (95% of the mind) to create positive changes in the subconscious mind in the form of new attitudes, behaviors, feelings, and symptoms.


When in hypnosis, your nervous system switches into parasympathetic state, a green light to relax and reproduce, while lowering stress hormones. In hypnotherapy, various subconscious beliefs and fears can be brought into awareness to be addressed and removed on the road to healing infertility.


Examples of these negative subconscious thoughts could be hearing stories from childhood how painful childbirth is, a deep down belief that motherhood and career don’t mix, an understanding that being a mom means disregarding personal needs and interests, worries about not being a good mom, financial concerns when baby arrives, and others.

Working with hypnotherapy through conscious, and especially subconscious mental blocks, is often the missing link in the treatment of infertility. It helps women and men to regain confidence in their bodies, get back a sense of control, reset to positive mindset, and find hope.

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