Why Use Hypnotherapy ?

From the beginning of history, the power to heal the sick was said to belong to priests, shamans, and holy people. It was accepted that they possessed the powers directly from God to heal. The processes of healing varied throughout the world, but they generally included offerings to gods; various ceremonies such as laying of hands; use of amulets, relics, and images. In ancient Greece and Egypt, priests often gave hypnotic suggestions to those unwell as they went to sleep, and many healings would follow.

The healing power may be called by many different names – Nature, God, Creative Intelligence, but in reality these are simply different ways to refer to the healing power of the subconscious mind, the source of which is another point.

Most readers are familiar with the concept of duality of the mind, conscious and subconscious, but you might not be aware that the subconscious mind is the biggest part of the person’s mind (over 95%). Hypnotherapy is an effective method using the “magic” of subconscious. More specifically, Hypnotherapy is using Hypnosis therapeutically to create positive changes in subconscious mind in the form of new attitudes, behaviors, habits, feelings, and symptoms, so as to help you to reach the desired goals.

An important point to be made here is that you, the client, is always in control, and can’t be made to do anything against your will. You might have seen on TV people clucking like chickens in hypnotic state, but that is a voluntary act. You can’t be hypnotized unless you agree to cooperate.

So WHY Hypnotherapy?

When you want to change your long-term unwanted habits or behaviors, you might run into problems. Even when having all the intention to bring on a desired change, and pushing your willpower to the max, you might still end up failing. For example, you, or someone you know perhaps, promised yourself to change current eating habits ( less junk food, more vegetables, no snacking after dinner, etc.), yet within few weeks find yourself back to old ways.

You are Not weak, but the product of your conditioning that goes back to childhood, and that was also the time when your beliefs about food and about yourself in general were formed and got stored in your subconscious. These beliefs are what drives your everyday behaviors, including eating habits.

However, as a modern person who wants to be in charge of your own destiny, there is no room for self-sabotage; thus, hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool, even when all else previously failed.

Using Hypnotherapy you can

  • find the root(s) of the problem

  • develop new and healthy habits leading to better health

  • eliminate negative feelings and intensify positive feelings

  • find new solutions

  • reduce or eliminate habits / symptoms

  • reprogram subconscious mind for Success

  • strengthen a sense of self-control

  • get relief for Anxiety / Depression, Infertility, Autoimmune Illnesses, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Pain, Resistant Weight Loss, Addictions, PCOS, Cancer, Arthritis, Pre-Diabetes, IBS, PMS/ Menopause, and other Chronic Conditions, Fears and Phobias, Anger, ADD/ADHD, Academic Performance, Smoking Cessation, Anti-Aging, and many more

If you are ready to get to the root of the problem, and to finally succeed in reaching and maintaining your goals such as relieve stress, gain power back from illness, lose weight and / or get rid of unhealthy eating habits, eliminate depression and / or anxiety, pain, insomnia, addictions, negative thinking, etc., then you are an ideal candidate for Hypnotherapy ( adolescents and teens as well).

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Disclaimer: Services provided by Hypnotherapy Advantage are not meant to replace Medical or Mental Health Care. Despite favorable research, by law, we can not make any health benefit claims for our services.

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