•  PCOS is the leading cause of Infertility

  • . It affects 5-10% women of childbearing age

  • . Most common endocrine disorder in premenopausal women


Common Symptoms of PCOS


  •  Infertility

  •  Weight Gain and difficulty to lose weight

  •  Poor Blood Sugar control / Insulin Resistance

  •  Hirsutism – excessive bodily hair

  •  Irregular or no periods

  •  Anxiety / Depression

  •  Acne


Diet plays an important role in helping you to manage PCOS.  Eating plenty of good quality lean proteins and healthy fats will assist you to stabilize blood sugar, keep you satiated, and minimize cravings and binge eating. 


Improving your eating habits by eliminating sugar, minimizing carbs, forego caffeinated beverages and alcoholic drinks – all these changes will have a positive effect on PCOS, in addition to eating plenty of leafy vegetables and high fiber foods.


If you will want to conceive, and try naturally or with ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology), changing your lifestyle is the key.  Many women with PCOS find becoming pregnant challenging, and using Hypnosis can make it easier.


Optimizing fertility and trying to get pregnant while life goes on is often stressful and overwhelming.  Hypnotherapy can help you reduce stress, to heal, and let go of the past by removing mental and emotional blocks, and create positive and confident outlook in regard to your ability to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

TO CONCEIVE, YOU NEED TO BELIEVE YOU CAN…Hypnotherapy can help you to shift your mind from worries and doubts towards success.


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