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I have PCOS, and the first thing the doctor said that I have to lose weight to optimize my chances of getting pregnant – easier said than done. Then I started working with Ada, and with her support and hypnotherapy my weight started to come off. I now have a 1 year old daughter, and my husband and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Ada for not giving up on me!


After suffering miscarriage, I could not get pregnant again for a long time. My heart was filled with grief for the baby I never got a chance to hold and to love. Ada helped me to release the pain of losing my baby, to say good-bye, and to open my heart again. I am pregnant now!!! I strongly feel that Ada has helped me to remove the invisible mental blocks that were simply in the way. I continue seeing Ada during pregnancy since I feel so relaxed after our sessions, and it helps me to keep my worries and anxiety at bay.

Olivia B.


Dealing with unexplained infertility in my late 30s has been very stressful and just devastating. Doing hypnotherapy with Ada has helped me to feel much calmer and more grounded. I’m still continuing with treatment now, yet feel like I got my hope of becoming a mom back. Thanks to Ada I feel once again in control of my mind and my body.



Ada told me about IVF study in which a group of women received hypnotherapy and had double the success rate of getting pregnant as compared to a group without doing hypnotherapy. I have done many cycles previously unsuccessfully, and wanted to improve my odds. During a session, Ada made a recording for me to listen to during the upcoming IVF procedure. I am still waiting for the results, but this was the most relaxing and the least uncomfortable implantation procedure I ever had…just wanted you to know.


After years of trying and failing to get pregnant, I felt exhausted and depressed. It was affecting my job, my relationships, my life. A friend recommended Ada, and I reluctantly contacted her to help me with my depression. Not only Ada helped me to find my way back to inner peace, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that hypnotherapy has been shown to improve fertility. Since then, I have done few cycles of IUI, and it has worked!!!! I am going to be a mama.


I’m in my early 40s and have been a smoker since my teen years. The doctor said she would not do IVF unless I quit smoking. I loved my cigarettes, but I loved the idea of having a baby even more. Thank you Ada for helping me to quit smoking & to pursue my dream…


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