Common Causes of Infertility



  1. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) – interferes with normal ovulation

  2. Age – egg quality and quantity decrease with age

  3. Endometriosis – causes inflammation and scarring and may affect implantation

  4. Blocked Fallopian Tubes – fertilization can’t take place if full blockage

  5. Unexplained Infertility




  1. Low Sperm Count

  2. Low Sperm Mobility

  3. Abnormal Testicular Temperature Regulation

  4. Difficulty with Ejaculation

  5. Hormone Imbalance





. Smoking Tobacco

. Excessive Alcohol Drinking

. Being Overweight (also underweight)

. Emotional Stress

. Depression / PTSD


*These common causes can be effectively treated with Hypnotherapy. Using Hypnosis to tap into subconscious mind, hypnotherapist can help the client to

. shift the mind towards positive behaviors and habits

. reduce stress & send the message to the body that it’s safe to reproduce

. release conscious and subconscious fears and phobias around pregnancy & motherhood/fatherhood

. build up confidence in the body’s health & fertility

. bring more peace and calm and joy into the process of “making a baby”.


ADDITIONAL PROGRAMS for a Woman and / or her Partner


Smoking Cessation (3 Sessions / $399)

Weight Management (start with 3 Sessions / $399)

Stop Drinking (3 Sessions / $399)

Reduce Daily Stress (3 Sessions / $399)


Please call / text Ada at 732-333-6680 for more information.

Disclaimer: Services provided by Hypnotherapy Advantage are not meant to replace Medical or Mental Health Care. Despite favorable research, by law, we can not make any health benefit claims for our services.

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